Sea Fishing in Plymouth

Whether you’re into Bass fishing, Ray Fishing, Mullet fishing, Pollack fishing, Wrasse fishing or any other type of sea fishing, for that matter, my best advice is to start close to home and try fishing Plymouth itself.

With over 6 different sea fishing tackle and bait shops within Plymouth, resupplying your bait bucket and fishing tackle box in Plymouth is never a problem either!

So, where are the best places to fish in Plymouth? The two main areas to fish in Plymouth are either along the foreshore (the Plymouth Seafront) or on the River Tamar. Incidentally, if you are into Bass fishing, you will catch more Bass by fishing in the Tamar than fishing along the Plymouth seafront.

The popular sea fishing mark at Devils Point signifies the mouth of the River Tamar, east from there you will find the main Plymouth seafront fishing marks including good all round sea fishing at West Hoe Pier, rough ground sea fishing for species such as conger eels at Lion’s Den, and the two most popular places to fish in Plymouth for all the family have to be Elphinstone Car Park and across the water at one of the best known Plymouth sea fishing marks, Mountbatten Pier.

Fish north of Devils Point and you are then fishing in the River Tamar. Again, many good sea fishing spots here including rough ground fishing at Mutton Cove, half decent Bass fishing at North Corner (Devonport Floating Pontoon), and good school Bass and Thornback Ray fishing off Pottery Quay.

Check out all of the marks and get a better idea of where to fish in Plymouth by checking out the individual Plymouth sea fishing guides on the South Devon Fishing Guides page.

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