Quick Ball Weight Fishing Rig


If you are after a bit of fun on a light line this summer, this ball weight rig is a ‘must have’.

Often, these kind of lightweight fishing traces are made up in one piece which makes them pretty much single purpose. Building the trace this way, however, will make it infinitely more versatile as well as being much quicker and easier to rig and de-rig.

With the sliding ball weight /retaining beads already contained between a swivel and snap swivel, it’s possible to mix and match your existing rigs (such as those used with the quick float fishing rig and free-lining rig) and chop and change at will.

This ball weight arrangement can then be used both to bottom fish with the traces mentioned above, and cast/retrieve with any number of different interchangeable traces and lures.

Just clip the swivel end onto your mainline and your desired trace onto the swivel clip at the other end and away you go.

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