Knot much Luck

Submitted by Tim_the_Manc 26/05/2015

Seems like I picked the wrong two weeks to come up to Cornwall, fishing wise, as I’ve had nothing of note since we got here, and not for the want of trying, which is why I’ve squeezed all of my recent sessions into one report..

Tuesday 19th

Got my metal lures in the post so, despite there being a bit of a breeze, decided to head back down to the Lizard and chuck a few around to see if I could pick up a Mackie or two or maybe an in size Pollock for tea.

Venue was again Hot Point and, again, I had some real problems with wind knots; the session had started off OK as I had a juvenile Pollock on the first cast, a sure fire candidate for my PW if ever I saw one.

Put this one back after a quick evidence snap but as the wind was picking up I was experiencing more and more wind knots. After about the 5th one I was literally fishing with the backing mono when casting so decided to move around to Prilla side where, hopefully, I’d be a little more sheltered as I couldn’t afford any more lost line if I wanted to carry on fishing for the day.

I was sheltered all right but the session just went from bad to worse! I don’t quite know why but every time I start to struggle my brains seem to turn to jelly; why else would I decide the best lure to use when I arrived on the mark would be a savage gear sandeel, given the fact I’ve never caught with one and have actually developed a hatred of the damn things?!?

That, as usual, quickly snagged and was lost to the depths (thankfully I don’t have many more left in my lure bag but I’m seriously considering a ceremonial burning!)

My next trick was to lose a virgin TronixPro Casting Jig on the first cast! I’d tied the braid together using a quick surgeons knot at Hot Point; strong enough and does the job but unfortunately snagged and caught on the edge of the spool which caused my bright shiny new lure to fly off into the sunset all by its lonesome.

With a guttural cry of ‘Kentucket’ (or similar, I don’t quite recall) I packed up and trudged back to the car and home for a beer or three to drown my sorrows.

Wednesday 20th

What better way to ease the pain of the previous session than to head off down the river at daft o’clock chasing the unmentionables?

Armed with some decent lug and excellent razors (picked up from Si, aka Basscatcher) I fancied my chances of landing something half way decent to address the balance of the previous day’s nightmare.

 Well, the spot was beautiful enough as you can see…

…..and due to a few showers the signs above all pointed towards a gilt edged reward for my efforts

Sadly the best I could winkle out was this small schoolie; not much reward for the quality of bait (or the effort of dragging myself out of my pit) but at least I’d not blanked and the surroundings were truly exceptional.

By now the Lamb Rogan Josh I’d cooked up the night before was beginning to work its magic so I quickly packed up and got myself home to plan my next trip out.

Friday 22nd 

Sadly the trip I’d planned out with Basscatcher after some flatties had to be called off so I decided to give a beach on the Lizard a whirl at daft o’clock, Leaky style, and light ledger some squid and razor in the hopes of a keeper bass.

Less said the better really; not only did I forget my camera but I didn’t get so much as a sniff in three hours plus fishing, despite there being a decent swell that promised much but delivered nowt with baits coming back in pretty much pristine condition.

Saturday 23rd

PorthKerris, another big fat blank; at least the guys to my left had nowt either whereas the family to my right only managed a solitary mackerel as far as I could tell in just over 3 hours fishing the evening flood.

I’d been spinning eel for an hour without so much as a nibble so switched to a float; loaded with lug and then sandeel. Net result of that was a Pollock that small it didn’t take down the float (which fell off prior to bringing it in) and two missed bites. Tried lures as the light fell but to no avail and the amount of crap on the mark (as usual) meant I just couldn’t bring myself to take any pictures of the surrounding area.

Sunday 24th

Back to the Lizard for a couple of hours fishing the flood into last light with my lures; another couple of contenders for my PW Pollock, caught with pretty much my first and last casts, meant for another disappointing session.

On a positive note I at least didn’t experience any wind knots and I also didn’t lose a solitary lure; that said I didn’t put a SG Sandeel on for this session! I did manage to snap the handle on my braid scissors when I sat down with them in my pocket however..

Only a few more opportunities to get out before we head home and, frankly, expectations aren’t that high after my first few sessions; maybe I should take my lad out with me on a few of the marks as he’s yet to blank (3 fish for 2 sessions) and was with me when I got the best fish of the holidays so far; that Ballan Wrasse of a pound and a halfish, which tells you how poor the return has been thus far.

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