How to Float Fish for Pollack

Targeting Pollack with a quick float rig is easy enough once you’ve got a few things worked out. The trick here is to first establish the depth of water and adjust trace length accordingly. Suspending a bait just a few feet above a rocky/weedy sea bed will see results.

Pollack will primarily take ragworm, squid, and mackerel strip although other baits should not be ruled out – if you can get hold of them, live baits such as Brit and Sand Eel are also excellent baits for catching Pollack on the float. Squid and Mackerel baits are mounted in much the same way as when float fishing for Mackerel and Garfish, and lightly head hooking a ragworm will afford the bait a more natural movement and should entice more fish.

When using Ragworm, a slow retrieve when bringing in a float fishing rig (to change/check bait etc) can also entice and otherwise uninterested Pollack. Vary retrieve speeds to find which is most effective on the day. In addition, try introducing a bit of Bling onto your trace if the fishing is slow or if bait alone doesn’t seem to be working.

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