How to Float Fish for Mullet

There are 3 main rules when float fishing for Mullet:  Fish light, fish light and, yeah, fish light.

bubble float

A selection of Bubble Floats

Extremely light fluorocarbon line (4lb) and small clear plastic bubble floats work best for the frustratingly wary Mullet. I used to fish with 2lb line for Mullet (hook up rate was better) but lost so many more fish than I ever landed. 4lb line makes for a happy medium. Trace length again depends on the swim and where the Mullet are feeding, but any length between 2 and 8 feet is a good starter for ten.

Baitwise, a small chunk of soft, fresh doughy white bread crimped lightly over a size 16 bronzed treble is a tried and tested favourite and, if the tidal flow isn’t too strong, dropping your baited float rig into a previously chummed swim will put you amongst the Mullet.

For the chum, mix up a loaf of white bread, a dash of water and pilchard /sardine oil, and some old mushy mackerel; guts and all. Successful Mullet fishing means a few bold sacrifices – both time (plenty of it) and possibly stomach contents.

Also, unless you can safely get down to the water’s edge to land a decent Mullet, a drop/landing net will be required.

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