How to Float Fish for Bass

bubble floatI must admit, I’m a big fan of float fishing for Bass. Once you’ve established what you think is a ‘Bassy’ area (and there are certainly enough places to catch Bass in Devon and Cornwall!), float fishing allows you to park the bait right on top of it. A float allows an angler to get a bait mid water, tight to an interesting feature, and keep it there.

Since Bass are generally wily old creatures, the use of light fluorocarbon line such as Berkley Vanish is a good bet. 10 – 12 lb should be suitable in most instances. Trace length will depend on the area fished.

A huge brightly coloured float just a few feet above the bait won’t to anyone any favours either – clear plastic bubble floats, like those used when float fishing for Mullet, are recommended.

Many baits can be used when float fishing for Bass, but live baits are the clear favourite (Sand Eel, Prawn, Brit and mini species all work well) and a cruising Bass will also take ragworm, lugworm, Mackerel and Squid (and cocktails of the above) on the float also. Float fished baits should be mounted on anything up to a 3/0 hook – sharp, wide gape hooks such as the Manta 540s are a good bet since once the bait is nicely presented (particularly larger live prawn etc) you can still have a good amount of hook exposed.

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