How to Feather for Mackerel

When it comes to summertime shore fishing, feathering and spinning for mackerel have to be the most commonly seen activities – and arguably the most exciting . However, I’m sure I’m not the only one to admit that in the past I’ve had those days where it seems like everyone is hoiking in the mackerel bar me. With a bit of practice and collective knowledge, though, that can soon change.

Below, we’ve put together a 3 part fishing guide that should improve your catch rate when feathering for mackerel. The first part deals with fishing gear, part 2 with terminal tackle – or your traces – and part 3 with a few general tips on how to catch mackerel on feathers.

But please remember, this is written with the true spirit of fishing in mind. Potentially, on a good day (and possibly with the help of this article!), you could fill a dustbin with mackerel. But please, for the sake of the fish and future anglers, only take what you need. When you have enough, put the feathers back in the tacklebag. Sadly, it’s still all too common to see some cocklobster in a fishing frenzy, truly mackerel bashing, pulling in line after line of mackerel that’ll probably just end up in the bin. It’s out and out slaughter, it’s unnecessary, and it’s ugly. However, if you fish sensibly, responsibly, and just catch what you need for the rest of your session or for tea, feathering for mackerel can be a whole lot of fun.

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