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How to Float Fish for Wrasse

wrasse4Although it’s a little less common to see anglers float fishing for Wrasse (bottom fishing rocks in this instance) it does work – and in much the same way as float fishing does for Pollack.

Float fishing for Wrasse comes into its own particularly when you wish to fish around any pinnacles breaking the surface away from the shoreline.

To stay among the Wrasse, keep your bait close to a rocky/weedy sea bed or tight to any underwater features. The best baits for catching Wrasse on a float fishing rig are Ragworm, Peeler Crab and Small Hardback Crabs.Hardback Shore Crabs attract big Ballan Wrasse like Guinness does me.

Hook size will depend on the choice of bait, but don’t be afraid to use anything up to a 2/0 if you’re baiting up with hardbacks and there are some big Wrasse down there.

Also, It’s important to keep an eagle eye on the float when float fishing for Wrasse since they’ll drag a float deep down into a weed bed/snag as quick as anything.

Tight lines for now