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Cod wrapped in parma ham

Submitted by alwayshopeful 9/2/2015

Cod wrapped in parma ham

I have just tried this recipe and it was fantastic with the spicy chorizo and the salty ham against the plain fish and to my surprise it really brought the flavour of the fish out

2 cod fillets (preferably Cornish cod caught by yourself)
4 slices of parma ham or any dry cured ham you like

Wrap the cod fillets in the parma ham and put back in the fridge.

Cook about 300g of new/baby potatoes(halved) until just tender

Take 100g of chorizo and dice into half centimeter cubes and fry gently in a small amount of oil.
Meanwhile dice up half a red and green pepper, finely dice half a reasonable sized onion and thinly slice the other half and add to the chorizo, and continue to fry, take a handful of cherry / baby plump tomatoes halved and add to the pan, season to taste.

Drain the potatoes and add to the mixture along with 1/4 pint of stock and about the same amount of passata and simmer until the mixture has a thickish sauce.

Place the cod on a pre-heated baking tray in a hot oven(200c) and cook in the oven until the fish is just cooked, for the fillets I used this took about 8 minutes.